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Welcome to Wisynergy

Our mission is to provide synergy to your business using our expertise, best of breed technologies and smart integrations. Our passion is providing tailored solutions to enhance the effectiveness of your business.

Your Network Solution Journey

choose your connectivity

Step 1

Choose Your Connectivity

Allow us to assist in choosing the best hyperfast internet connection for your business with our three-tier offering. 

Wisynergy design your network

Step 2

Design Your Network

Allow us to build you a bespoke, secure and robust internal network so you can keep doing what you to best.

Wisynergy enhance your solution

Step 3

Enhance Your Solution

Allow us to integrate our smart technology to make your business network intelligent and more efficient.

Let’s Work Together

Need some assistance in designing your future-proofed solution?

Get in touch with one of our experienced experts and we will assist you in finding the solution right for you!

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Your Smart Energy Journey


Step 1

Broker Business Energy Supplier

Allow us to act as your Business Energy broker. We will find you the best deals and ensure you renewal is not missed!


Step 2

Digital Electricity

Run your DC infrastructure of a Digital Energy Solution, increasing efficiency and lowering OPEX!


Step 3

Add PV Energy

Produce your own energy, whether its through wind or solar, you can become a greener company and save a bundle!

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Step 4

Add Smart PoE Lighting

Use PoE lighting to provide a more efficient lighting solution, lowering you energy requirements!

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Step 5

Add Smart Sensors

Incorporate smart sensor to control your ambience and control the lighting levels based on occupancy and/or the daylight available!

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Step 6

Control your BMS

Encapsulate your internal lighting and energy usage into a smart management platform and always be in control!

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