Wisyerngy Broadband Pleans

Broadband Plans

Our Broadband Offering

Broadband is our foundation connectivity offering. This provides your business with a superfast fibre connection that you are accustomed to seeing on the market today. Except our offering comes with a little extra to provide you with a better experience!

Our broadband offering is supplied with an enterprise-grade Wi-Fi router to provide you with the best possible Wi-Fi coverage and performance. We include priority bandwidth in all our packages so you are less impacted during peak times. We also proactively monitor our entire network, enabling us to fix potential issues before they affect your business.


Wisynergy will offer our pricing plans on a 24-month contract. We will not increase the price for the duration of the contract and will guarantee no price increase for a further 6 months after the initial 24-month period if you stay with us. 

Want a little more out of your internet connection?


See our Wisynergy Superior and Leased line offerings to maximise your solution!