Wisyerngy Leased Lines

Dedicated Internet Access

Join the network that works for your business!

At Wisynergy we ensure a solution tailored to your business requirements to empower your business with the most cutting edge connectivity. Join the revolution today and bring your business to the next level!


With our our market leading Dedicated Internet Access (DIA), your business will get the pinnacle of internet connectivity. You will not share your bandwidth with anyone else, meaning that you will never slow down. Combined with our speed guarantee, we will also endeavour to provide no downtime or disruption to service.  This ultra-low latency solution is your most robust, reliable and effective way to the internet!

With Wisynergy your DIA will enable you to send and receive massive files quickly and run bandwidth-hungry business applications like Azure and Office 365.

Why not learn more about a how a DIA service can benefit your business today!

Wisynergy are able to to provide this platinum level product, regardless of your business size or location. We will tailor a package right for your business and ensure that get a great service at an exceptional price! Packages are available from 10Mbps to 10Gbps, regardless of your location. 

Combine this our a Market-leading Service Level Agreement (SLA). We offer 100% target service availability, backed by a five-hour target fix time and a 24/7 support offering, and Wisynergy will enable your business to flourish online even in the most demanding times!


Get your Dedicated Internet and get your business ahead!

Dedicated Fibre to your business

No Contention​ so you never slow down

100% target availability service level​

Ultra-low latency ​for best possible user experience

Available for speeds up to 10 Gbps​

Wisynergy Leased Lines