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Network Solution Journey

Assured Broadband and VoIP Sale

Purchase your business broadband and VoIP through Wisynergy and get our assured service. You will also save money!

  • Free upgraded enterprise grade business router

  • Hardware budget with every VoIP licence purchased

  • QOS guarantee on VoIP traffic

  • Additional security features above that of normal broadband

Why not make your IT work for you?

With technology advancements and the demands a network infrastructure hast to endure in todays online world, why let your competition get ahead of you. Follow the Wisynergy Network Solutions Journey and make your network work for you!

Step 1

Get the connectivity your business needs!


The first requirement of any business network is your internet connectivity! 

 At Wisynergy, we pride ourselves on providing your business with robust, reliable internet access to ensure your business always stays connected and in touch with your customers. Our portfolio is designed to meet your business requirements, regardless of geographic location, and in the most challenging of environments.


Our commitment is to provide a solution that negates your connectivity issues!​

We have three tiers of connectivity in our offering depending on your business broadband needs.

Step 2

Customise your internal network!

Although your connectivity is now optimised, your network integration is only as good as its weakest component. We now can look at your internal business network and maximise the impact this can make on your business. The three foundation components for any effective internal network is the wired network, the wireless network and the voice network. Want to know how we can help improve these areas for you? Click on the link below to find out more and why see how we can enhance your network with our smart technology solutions!

Step 3

Now make your network smarter!

In order to enhance our connectivity and network offerings, we provide the next level to your network. We have a large range of smart technology and smart integrations available in our portfolio. Why not call us to find out how our smart technology can make your business and work environment a better place to work!

Below highlights some of the common technologies we implement frequently. Click below to see how we can provide the next level to your business or call us and find out more!

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