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A telephone voice solution is critical to business communications. Whether you require flexibility to use your solution on a mobile phone or provide a seamless network for remote working, we are here to help!

The Wisynergy voice offering is a hosted IP telephony system, which allows clients to be future-proofed. This solution operates over an internet connection rather than an old-style telephone line. This allows us to provide a feature-rich, robust solution for your business needs.    

Why not combine our voice offering with our connectivity solutions or our smart integrations to maximise the impact your solution has on your business. Contact us to find out how we can improve your business!


Our offering is available in four tiers, depending on what you want your voice solution to do for you. You can mix and match the licences to make the most tailored solution for you.

The bundles below are on a per licence, per month basis contract. Telephone hardware is available separately and can be purchased outright or as a monthly bolt-on to your contract.  We provide this flexibility to provide all our customers with the flexibility they need!


£14.00 per user

Call Hold

Call Park

Three-Way Call

User Intercept

Video Calling

and more

Wisyerngy Voice Solutions


£18.00 per user

Functional package plus

Sequential Ringing

Simultaneous Ringing

Remote Office

Call Forwarding Selective

Distinctive and Priority Ringing
and more

Wisyerngy Voice Solutions


£16.00 per user

Lite package plus

Call Forwarding Busy

Call Forwarding No Answer

Call Forwarding Not Reachable


Additional Line

and more

Wisyerngy Voice Solutions


£20.00 per user

Featured package plus

Office UC for Smartphone

Office UC for Tablet

Wisyerngy Voice Solutions