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Wisyerngy Superior Broadband

Wisynergy Superior Broadband

Wisynergy Superior Broadband is our own custom-built connectivity offering designed for businesses in those hard to reach areas. We do not believe that just because your business is rural or offshore, you should be at a disadvantage!


The Wisynergy superior broadband solution utilised best of breed technologies to provide an enhanced connectivity solution above that of the standard "fibre broadband". Due to this offering being our privately owned network we are able to use a combination of fibre, over the air technology and much more to achieve our goals.

Wisynergy Superior Broadband

Superior contention rates

Symmetrical download and upload speeds

Unlimited data allowance

Firewall protection

Subject to area availability

Wisynergy’s exclusive network

Wisyerngy Superior Broadband

Why not make your connectivity solution do more for you? Take a look at our network offering and enhanced smart technology to really make your solution work for you.

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